Ethical contract win Stockport


Enterprise Home Care was told this week by the Metropolitan Borough of Stockport that it had been successful in its tender for the contract to provide under the council’s “Ethical Support at Home Flexible Procurement System”.

The contract is for a ten year period, and is to provide high quality support for older and disabled people living at home.




The key aims of the contract are to:-

  • Support greater staffing continuity. Continuity of staff results in more opportunity for staff to form positive working relationships with service users and families, which can have a positive impact on the quality and experience of care. It gives more opportunity to providers to allocate their time according to need and operate with flexibility and responsiveness rather than against the clock. Flexible support based on need rather than `time and task’ may facilitate a greater understanding of need and risk, reducing the likelihood of falls, medication errors and deterioration through loneliness.
  • Enable providers to invest time in good leadership, training and staff development. Valuing all staff supports the development of a more effective workforce and enables workers to form positive working relationships with other care workers, share problems, ideas and expertise and ultimately supports the development of a solution-focused, learning organisation.
  • Improve terms and conditions for workers, support higher quality standards and improve the reputation of the Council and care profession generally.
  • Support sufficient allowance for induction, training and supervision. This will enable providers to support people with specific long term health conditions, specialist or complex needs.
  • Improve remuneration to aid staff retention. This will enable supply to grow to meet demand, reducing the waiting time for services.
  • Ensure that the full costs of travel are recognised.





Under the Care Act 2014, local authorities are required to facilitate a vibrant, diverse and sustainable market for high quality care, with a broader focus on the whole local population needing care, rather than those with eligible needs and/or state funded care.  This procurement system is being developed at a time when the health and social care economy is facing significant challenges but there are also opportunities for positive change and reform of the sector.

Stockport, in common with the rest of the country, has to plan for an unprecedented rise in the number of older people requiring support to live safely and well in their own homes, and an associated increase in the level of demand for home care and other services.  Please see the projections below which are from Oxford Brookes University’s POPPI database.


Stockport MBC Population 2017 2020 2025 2030 2035
People aged 65-69 16,200 15,600 17,100 19,300 19,100
People aged 70-74 14,700 15,900 14,700 16,100 18,400
People aged 75-79 10,900 11,700 14,500 13,400 14,900
People aged 80-84 8,400 9,000 9,900 12,400 11,600
People aged 85-89 5,100 5,500 6,400 7,200 9,200
People aged 90 and over 2,800 3,100 3,900 4,900 6,100
Total population 65 and over 58,100 60,800 66,500 73,300 79,300


The external market is therefore increasingly challenged to offer sufficient quality and choice to a range of people, often with complex needs and risks but also a broad range of individual strengths and preferences. At the same time, devolution in Greater Manchester and joint working across the North West has created an opportunity to work with others to help improve the health and care of the region. As part of Stockport Neighbourhood Care, Stockport Council is committed to working with partners across the region to develop best practice and an improved health and care system with a greater emphasis on prevention and wellbeing in line with this legislative framework.


 Company response


Stephen Mather, registered manager for Enterprise, said:-

“We are delighted to have been awarded this contract by Stockport.  We have been working closely with the council for a number of years, providing support to older and disabled people in the borough.

“We now see an opportunity to strengthen this relationship.

“Perhaps the biggest restraint in home care for the last decade has been the inability to recruit sufficient staff to meet demand.

“Local authorities have been hampered in their ability to pay providers the going rate.  That in turn has prevented providers from offering attractive terms to staff.

“This contract allows Enterprise to offer an hourly rate significantly higher than living wage, payment for travelling time, guaranteed hours contracts and other benefits.

“We congratulate Stockport for adopting this approach and look forward to working with other local authorities keen to expand their home care service.”